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There is no doubt that the rapid rise of the internet is a great convenience for the majority of us. Products and services can now be sold online, from all your grocery to conveyancing needs.

Buying a house is not easy and can be very expensive. With My Conveyancing Specialist, you can expect an easier conveyancing process with no hidden costs, whether you do it in person or online in the comfort of your own home, allowing you to get a quote in an instant for your conveyancing needs.

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The use of online conveyancing is beneficial if you are in need of support and you can also compare quotes and choose which one is best for you. My Conveyancing Specialist provides a first-class quality conveyancing service, offers a 24/7 support, no hidden fees and if your move falls through, you pay nothing, lessening the risks and giving you a 100% security.  

The Use of Conveyancing Services

According to IRN Research, 562 consumers bought a property in the past 2 years and found:


Used the same solicitor or conveyancer for years


Used recommendations from friends, relatives, work colleagues 


Used a conveyancer with an office


Used a conveyancer they found through online search


Used online conveyancing service provided by a legal professional

Evidently, the use of online conveyancers is lagging, as 45% of home buyers favour solicitors or conveyancers they have used and had an experience with before. This is because the perceived risk is less, as they have formed relationships with them and know what to expect.

The research also shows that home buyers value word of mouth, with 40% of them using services that was recommended to them by people they personally know.

34% of home buyers are using a conveyancer with an office, allowing them to meet face-to-face which creates a sense of security than just talking to someone on the phone or online, whilst 31% of them are using a conveyancer they have found through online search.

19% are using an online conveyancing service provided by a solicitors’ firm or licensed conveyancer. 

Despite online conveyancing being the least used, it gives home buyers the convenience to deal with their conveyancing needs online, which is highly beneficial, especially for people that work from 9 to 5 every working day, so they may not have the time to use offline conveyancing services.  

The use of online conveyancing is expected to increase as more of the younger population starts to buy a property. According to IRN Research, 30% of aged 18 – 24 are much more likely to use online conveyancing services, compared to 10% of those who are over 55.

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